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Hi! These are some of the pages/sites I've visited and decided to save. This page was created to suit three primary purposes:

This page is not meant to be a "cool site" list or a "best of" list or anything like that. Some of this stuff is crap and I only saved it for reference for some reason or another. Quite a lot of it is stuff which is of rather fringe interest, and chances are most people won't be interested. What I'm getting at is that just because something is listed here doesn't mean it's any good or that you're automatically going to like it. I don't pretend to make sure this is always up to date and fully functional either, although I do welcome corrections by email to jlick@drivel.com if you find something broken. You are also welcome to give suggestions if you find something similiar to something here that you think I may be interested in.


Adult Entertainment On The Web

Here's some adult sites on the web I've visited and found somewhat entertaining. There's lots more than this out there though. If what you see in the Sites section doesn't have what you want, check out some of the Indices listed in the following section. I'm always interested in adding new Sites or Indices, but I won't add just anything. If you have or know of a site which I might be interested in you can let me know by mailing me at jlick@tcp.com.

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These links were a fairly accurate snapshot as of May 1995.

Santa Clara SC01 CO Centrex ISDN Internet Providers

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