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The Oreo Memorial Page

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The Phone Call

1996, June 26 -- My sister called tonight from her home in Santa Monica. She had just talked to my dad who lives in Santa Barbara along with Oreo, the family cat. My dad was on a business trip to Milwaukee, and my sister's longtime friend was in charge of feeding the cat. Tuesday night he wasn't anywhere to be found when she came to feed him and let him inside for the night. Neither was he around the next morning, or when my dad came back. He's become a cat of routine as he's gotten older, and even complains loudly if the human-folk arrive home later than he expects to come in and be fed. My dad later found signs of a struggle and Oreo's fur in the valley behind the house. Because there have been coyotes spotted nearby, it is assumed that he was caught and killed by one of them. I will greatly miss him and his companionship over the years.

My Web Memorial

After the phone call, I desperately wanted to memorialize my little friend in some way. Some people may think it is corny, but I could think of nothing more fitting at this time than a web memorial. That very night I had a paragraph essentially the same as the above one in my home page and a few days later added a banner picture similiar to the above one with a link to the full size photo.

1996, September 29 -- Now I have cleaned things up and devoted a whole page to the memorial, with a new memorial banner, a background image, and a total of six pictures of Oreo. I'll be adding more as I have photos available.

1998, January 11 -- Added four more pictures.

Oreo Memorial Gallery




Christmas Time





New Pictures 1/11/98





About These Pictures

These pictures were taken by myself using a 35mm Pentax ME camera. The prints were scanned in on an Avec 2400 scanner using Adobe Photoshop. Most of the shots are of Oreo sleeping. He seemed to do a lot of that. Absolutely none of the pictures was posed. Cat owners will easily believe this. Most cats will absolutely refuse to cooperate with anything they don't want to do.

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