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Sun DOOM Requirements

CPU Requirements

Sun DOOM will not run on sun3, 386i, or x86 systems.

CPU Recommendations

Video Requirements For sundgadoom

sundgadoom supports direct access to video memory, and will support the optimal performance. To run sundgadoom you must have a dga supported video card, which includes the following:

If you are not sure if you have a supported card, if your Sparcstation is color, using an on-board or other Sun brand video card, chances are that it is one of the above. Otherwise you still should be able to use sunxdoom, although it is much slower.

Note: ZX performance doesn't seem to be very good on sundgadoom.

Video Requirements For sunxdoom

sunxdoom uses native X windows calls and should work on the following:

Note: Your X or OpenWindows server must support the SHM extensions.

Video Recommendations

Most Sun video cards support a resolution of 1152x900 which will allow you to play Sun DOOM with up to triple-sized windows. Sun DOOM also supports quad-sized windows, but requires that your video card and monitor support at least 1280x1024 resolution. To find out what your display supports, run the following command:

xdpyinfo | grep dimensions

Sound Requirements

If you want sound effects in Sun DOOM, your Sparcstation needs to have a built-in sound system. Most desktop Sparcstations will have this built in. Older systems will have 8khz, mono sound which Sun DOOM will convert the sounds for. Newer systems with the CD-quality sound (Sparcstation 10 and later) will support 11khz 16-bit stereo PCM sound in Sun DOOM. If you don't have built in sound, you can still play by running with the "-nosound" flag.

In either case, Sun DOOM supports only the FX sounds, not the music.

Operating System Requirement

Sun DOOM requires at least Solaris 2.4, aka SunOS 5.4. To find out which release you are running, run the following command:

uname -r

The output should be "5.4" or greater. Sun DOOM will not work on Solaris 1.x, aka SunOS 4.1.x systems! You can get Solaris 2.4 through your Sun Microsystems, Inc. sales representative, or through Sun Express.

News: The sunxdoom version reportedly will run under any Solaris 2.x, aka SunOS 5.x system, although of course it will be significantly slower than the sundgadoom version.

Thanks to Kent Keltner for the DOOM logo.

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