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Unofficial Sun DOOM Home Page

NEW!: There's now a version of your favorite ultra-violent PC Game, DOOM for your Sun Sparcstation! It is as full-featured as the PC Game, and has additional goodies as well.


Click here to see the Sun DOOM Requirements

Sun DOOM comes with the shareware version of episode 1 of DOOM 1 called Knee-Deep in the Dead. However, if you have purchased the full registered version of DOOM 1 or the new DOOM 2, you can also play these scenarios by copying the .wad file from the installed game on your PC to your Sparcstation. There are some quirks though, so be sure to read all the documentation which comes with Sun DOOM.

DISCLAIMER: This program is furnished on an AS IS basis for the fun of it. Neither Sun Microsystems or Id Software can support this program.

To get Sun DOOM, ftp to ftp.tcp.com and look in /pub/sundoom, or click here!

Thanks to Kent Keltner for the DOOM logo.

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